How do you keep expat staff and their family in the Netherlands?

The cost for a company to get an international and their family to the Netherlands can easily cost 85.000 Euro. This includes shipping costs, accommodation and arranging all the official paperwork. (Visa, BSN number, etc.) This is often done by a hired agency, which entails considerable costs. That’s a lot of money for your organization and you want your new employee remains active as long as possible within your company to justify these costs.

If someone fits in well with the company, they are more likely to stay. Passion, purpose and potential is very important here, but then you only look at the person. This person probably has a whole family behind him who has also moved countries. And many feelings go hand in hand with that.

Don’t just recruit talent, retain it!

Going to the Netherlands often goes smoothly, arranging all the paperwork, finding a home and learning the principles of the Dutch language. Internationals can only stay in the Netherlands if they have a job. And they know that all too well. So they cannot fail and this means that they often work hard. They actually do more than they are expected to do. Less time is spent with the family, as a result of which the partner and/or kids. This causes the necessary feelings of guilt and dissatisfaction. Often the spouse at home feels alone and this puts a lot of pressure on the family.

This is why it is very important that you as an organization ensure that the internationals and their families quickly feel at home in the Netherlands. They will feel at home in their new country when they see a future in the Netherlands…

Some numbers…

The Netherlands is currently getting a 6.1 rating in terms of future prospects. What is causing this low rating?

Besides all the logistics and paperwork involved in moving to the Netherlands, there is one facet of life as an expat that is much less straight forward: how to adapt to a new country.

Regulations and laws make it easy to adjust to life in the Netherlands in the technical sense, such as finding and renting an apartment or house, hooking up all your utilities and ensuring your visa is in order. But there are no rules or guidelines for making friends and feeling as though you belong.

The feeling that you belong somewhere gives a person a future perspective in life. Various studies show that most of the expats only have contact with other expats. This creates an expat bubble and they will not integrate into Dutch life and thus have a future perspective, it is important to belong and make local friends.

Hire an expert, keep your talent and investment

How can you give your employee and their family a future perspective? By giving them the feeling that they are not alone. By knowing what their needs are and to provide the right help so they will feel at home in the Netherlands. As an organization, you don’t have to do this yourself.

You can hire the right expert for this. Who knows exactly which paths an expat has to take to make their new home truly their home.

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