The 10 best activities for your kids for new expats

You and your family have just arrived in the Netherlands. Besides wanting to make your new house look nice and comfortable, and figuring out where to do your shopping, your children need to be entertained as well. And sitting inside all day playing games will get boring at some point.

As a mother of two, I’m here to help! So I have listed the best indoor and outdoor activities for your children.

1. Local Playgrounds

It doesn’t matter where you live in the Netherlands, you will find a playground on almost every street corner. Start exploring the neighborhood and discover where the best playgrounds are. There is always a bench. So the children can play and you can sit down and take a well deserved break away from the moving boxes.

2. Indoor Playgrounds

Bad weather? Then take your children to an indoor playground. Ballorig is an indoor children’s play paradise with many locations throughout the Netherlands. There will be one in your area. Have a look at their website to see which branch is in your area.

Price: €8.50 per child. €7.50 If you order online. You can buy your lunch there as well.

3. Kidsproof Rec Centers

Visit Kidsproof! You might have to pay 1 or 2 Euro and your kids will have an amazing time and there is so much to do. Go to their website and fill in the city you live in and search for the Dutch word: speeltuin

4. Trail Walks

Go for a brisk walk to the forest or the dunes. There you will also find a playground or great trees to climb. It is more convenient to have a car or go by bike.

You can find the most beautiful forests in the Netherlands here:

  • The Amsterdamse Bos in Amstelveen
  • The Cape Forests in Utrecht
  • Purmerbos in Purmerend
  • The Panbos in Katwijk
  • Bergse Bos in Rotterdam
  • Haagse Bos in The Hague

5. Swimming

Visit the swimming pool in your area. Every day there are times that you can swim and your children can splash in the water. Average price per person: €4.00. For younger children, you will find a toddler pool. Please note that in the Netherlands, every child has a swimming diploma. If your child does not have this, they are obliged to wear armbands.

6. Museums

The best museums for children in the Netherlands.

  • Nemo in Amsterdam
  • Railway Museum in Utrecht
  • Archeon in Alphen aan de Rijn
  • Space Expo in Noordwijk
  • National Museum of Antiquities in Leiden
  • Tropenmuseum in Amsterdam
  • Naturalis in Leiden
  • Zuiderzee museum in Enkhuizen
  • Museon in The Hague

If you really like museums you purchase an annual museum ticket. The cost is €64.90 for an adult and €32.45 for a child. This will give you unlimited access to 400 museums for the year. Visit this website to purchase your yearly pass.

7. Cinema

Go to the cinema. Find all the cinemas here, and see what is showing. There are also many popular children’s films in English

8. Trampoline Park

Go to a trampoline park near you. Children can then take a break for an hour and you can enjoy a cup of coffee.

9. Petting Zoo

The petting zoo is great for younger children. You will find a petting zoo in almost every area. Ask someone you know in your neighborhood where you can find one.

10. Bowling

For older children, bowling is always a big success, especially disco bowling. Check for the best places here.

With all of the above activities, your children will have a great time! You’ll begin to feel settled into your new home day by day.

You will get there. Just take your time and give yourself a well deserved break now and then.

Do you find it difficult to find your way here in the Netherlands? Do you feel like you need a helping hand? Then contact me. I can help you start living your best life in the Netherlands.

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