Renting a house as an expat in the Netherlands

If you are planning to move to the Netherlands, chances are you probably will have to rent a house initially. Renting isn’t cheap and it can take time to find a suitable place.

As you search, keep the following in mind. Where will you work? What can you afford to pay in rent per month? Do you prefer a city or a village? And how long do you want to travel to work every day?

Average rent in the Netherlands

Are you planning to live in the Randstad? (The Randstad is: The Hague, Rotterdam, Amsterdam, and Utrecht) Then you have to deal with higher rent.

Are you going to live just outside the city? Then the rent will be slightly lower or similar, but you will have more space and often a garden. In a city, you often live in a small apartment and you have a small balcony. If you are a family with children this can be a problem.

The average monthly rent in 2019

For 90 m2 (969 square feet) in the Randstad, you pay:

  • Amsterdam: €2000
  • Utrecht: €1500
  • Rotterdam: €1500
  • The Hague: €1400
  • Leiden: €1500

Average rent in villages for a home 90m2 outside the city: €1050

Living outside the city

Are you going to live outside the city? Then it is advisable to have a car because public transportation will run less often.

Deciding whether to live in the city, on the outskirts of the city, the suburbs, or in a small village is an important consideration if you have children.

Children have more room to play outside when you live outside the city and it is quieter on the roads so you can give your children more freedom. It is quite normal in the Netherlands that children 11 and up bike to school on their own. In a city, this is a lot more complex due to the heavy traffic (think taxis, trams, many cyclists, and cars), but it is of course still an option.

Rush hour in the Netherlands

In the Netherlands, as in many countries, morning and evening rush hour can be extremely busy. If you live further away from work you’ll probably have to leave home early to arrive at work on time when you go by car. You may spend a lot of time in traffic. However, we have good public transport in the Netherlands.

Do you live in a small village far away and you have to go to the city? It may be that you are still on the road for quite some time because you might have to switch from bus to train more often.

You can easily calculate travel time with public transportation with an app on your phone – 9292 (It calculates your whole trip from door to door…)

Cycling is the best means of transport in the Netherlands. With a short commute, you can easily go to work by bike. You can travel everywhere in the Netherlands by bike. There are many cycle paths which make it very easy for the cyclist.

Take all of this information into consideration before you decide where you want to live.

Making friends

Are you a quiet family and more self-sufficient? Then it can be more pleasant to live in a village. There you will find more peace and nature.

In a city, people are very open-minded, and you will find many expat groups. Check Facebook for expat groups in different cities.

Are you planning your move to the Netherlands?  Do you need help in making the right choice regarding where to live? Then contact me. I like to think with you and help you to make the right choice for you and your family.

Additional information

Websites where you can find rental properties:

Which villages are nearby the big cities in the Randstad?

  • Amsterdam:  Diemen, Amstelveen, Amsterdam Noord, Badhoevedorp
  • Utrecht: De Bilt, Bilthoven, Maarssen, Bunnik
  • Rotterdam: Vlaardingen, Berkel and Rodenrijs, Schiedam, Barendrecht
  • The Hague: Rijswijk, Voorschoten, Voorburg, Zoetermeer, Wassenaar
  • Leiden: Oegstgeest, Leiderdorp, Voorschoten

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